Project detail

Location within Country:Caltanissetta Province
Name of Client:Municipality of Vallelunga Pratameno (CL)
Start date (month/year):2014
Completion date (month/year):concluded
Value of contract(€):10,580
Amount of work:90 days
Date:11 Nov, 2015
Category: ,


Consulting and advisory services to became signatories of the EU Covenant of Mayors, in order to create adequate administrative structures and to implement and submit the SEAP (Sustainable Energy Action Plan). The project includes also some measures to increase the citizen involvment and participation. T-ZERO implemented the Sustainable Energy Action Plan for the municipality of Vallelunga Pratameno, Province of Caltanissetta, putting its expertise, competence and methodology at the municipal staff disposal, in order to build at best the SEAP, to promote the sustainable energy movement, and to be sure of the europoean commission’s approval. The multifacetd approach typical of our team, allows to face different problems with successful measures and methodolgies. Our approach in the energy sector, and particularly in the implementation of the SEAP, includes different interconnected phases consistent with the European Commission line guides drafted by JRC, deeply studied by our team.