Project detail

Location within Country:VLORE
Name of Client:ACMAR s.c.p.a.
Start date (month/year):2007
Completion date (month/year):2008
Value of contract(€):908,848
Total N° of staff-months of the assignment:56
Value of services provided by Consultant(€):908,848
Date:15 Oct, 2015
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Geognostical, geotechnical and geophysical surveys, topographic and bathymetric surveys, maritime hydraulic analysis, marine-meteorological study, sediment transport analysis, environmental study, final infrastructures design.

TZERO started, on December 2007, the final design of the marine works of the new PIA (Petrolifera Italo Albanese) terminal located in the bay of Vlorë, northern of Vlorë City (Albania) and to define the criteria, standards and parameters which form the basis of the design.

The marine facilities are designed to accommodate oil and chemical tankers of the class 10.000-15.000 DWT. One oil berth (and a small craft berth for service boats) can fulfill the traffic demand with adequate occupancy factor. The project includes the following marine works:

  1. two rubble mound breakwaters (935 m and 430 m respectively length) connected to the shore at the two extremities of the area defined in the Concession Agreement.
  2. an approach channel 120 m wide at the bottom, with a water depth of –10,10 m;
  3. a turning basin and a berth area, dredged to –10,10 m;
  4. one oil berth composed by an unloading platform, 4 breasting dolphins and 4 mooring dolphins.
  5. a jetty, approximately 150 m long, connecting the berth to the shore;
  6. a vertical sheet pile wall, Profile AZ 17 or equivalent) with a r.c. connection beam on the top, approximately 220 m long. This structure is anchored with tension rod (anchor GEWI). and anchored to a contrast sheet piling. This structure provides a 100 m long small craft berth with a water depth 4,10 m, to be used as a service berth for the construction of the terminal and as a small craft berth during the operation;
  7. a rubble mound shore protection, protecting the terminal area and the Landfills and preventing the interaction between the sea wave action and the soil of the terminal;
  8. navigation aids; lighted buoys, complying with the IALA zone A code are provided to mark the channel alignment (4 lateral buoys) and the position of the breakwater heads (2 cardinal buoys);
  9. equipments and utilities (cathodicprotection, fire fighting, etc.)