Project detail

Location within Country:Province of Caltanissetta
Name of Client:Municipality of Villalba
Start date (month/year):2014
Completion date (month/year):2015
Value of contract(€):15,140
Amount of work:90 days
CO2 reduction:637,13
Value of services provided by T-ZERO (€):3,700
Date:31 Jan, 2015
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T-ZERO was responsible for the preparation of the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy SEAP of the municipality of Villalba, in the province of Caltanissetta, putting its experience, professionalism and methodology available to municipal technicians for the correct construction of the Plan in all its phases, effective promulgation and promotion of the territory, and a certain approval in the European Commission.
This is possible thanks to the interdisciplinary approach that characterizes our company and our working group, and that allows to address several issues with initiatives and successful methodologies.
Our approach in the energy sector, and in particular with respect to energy planning and the preparation of SEAP, is made in several stages interconnected and in line with the guidelines drawn up by the JRC issued by the European Commission and widely-depth study by our team.