Project detail

Location within Country:Giavera del Montello
Name of Client:Giavera del Montello
Start date (month/year):2016
Completion date (month/year):2016
Amount of work:1 day
Value of services provided by T-ZERO (€):250
Date:01 Jun, 2016
Category: ,


Techinical check of photovoltaic technology of the Municipality of Giavera del Montello:

  • visual check of the state of the inverter and of possible presence of fault messages;
  • Visual check of the status of any equipment interface protection equipment;
  • Instrumental verification of the string tension;
  • Test the integrity of the protective devices to fuse;
  • Check, where possible, the correspondence of the plants built to the design patterns;
  • Visual check for any damage and / or tampering of equipment such as panels and inverters.