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Location within Country:WIYALA D’ALGER
Start date (month/year):2006
Completion date (month/year):2008
Value of contract(€):985,684
Total N° of staff-months of the assignment:36
Value of services provided by Consultant(€):985,684
Date:15 Oct, 2015
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Study on sustainable use of coastal resources in algeria aimed at the protection of environment and development of coastal zones in the mediterraneansea through integrated coastal zone management (iczm).

The project  aims at supporting national efforts in promoting sustainable use of coastal resources in Algeria and simultaneously contributes to the protection of environment and sounder development of coastal zones in the Mediterranean by implementing an Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) pilot plan for the two municipalities of Réghaïa and Heraoua in the eastern part of the Wilaya d’Alger, that includes also the Ramsar site of Lac de Réghaïa. The ICZM pilot plan takes into full consideration the inter-relationships between the activities performed in the stretch of the Algier’s coast (e.g. urbanization, industries, agriculture), the environmental processes (e.g. erosion), and their impact on natural ecosystems using several analysis methodologies:

  • Use of the GIS as a valid support for data collection, standardization and integrated analysis. The GIS system was developed starting from satellite images (Quick Bird), orthorectified on the basis of a topographic relief.
  • Satellite images and aerial photos interpretation to study and gather spatial information required to identify human and natural features (e.g. geomorphology, urbanization and land use) and their evolution (since 1959).
  • Land use and urban/territory planning analysis in order to develop guidelines for a sustainable revision of the urban and territory planning.

One of the main goals of the project AMIS was the knowledge transfer and technical assistance to Algerian institutions involved in the ICZM process and policy. Final outcomes include guidelines and priority actions for the pilot municipalities of Régha_a and Heraouadeveloped for: drawing up a strategic territory plan combining the need of rehabilitating the territory and designing a sustainable development scenario; guaranteeing wetland protection, coastline protection and an adequate-integrated use of the surface water resources within the Régha_a river basin, institutional reforms assessment.