Project detail

Location within Country:LAZIO REGION
Name of Client:ARCELLA s.r.l.
Start date (month/year):09/2011
Completion date (month/year):12/2011
Value of contract(€):20,000
Total N° of staff-months of the assignment:5
Value of services provided by Consultant(€):20,000
Date:15 Oct, 2015
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Re-qualification and conversion of the disused quarry site and new tourist marina of arcella, near gaeta (lt) – preliminary design

The project concerns the re-qualification and conversion of the disused quarry site located in Arcella, close to Gaeta:

  • construction of new Marina with berth area for complementary activities;
  • arrangement and conversion of a part of the disused quarry site in an area for boats parking

The extension of the works is globally about 52500 m2, concerning site works and maritime works.

The extension of the harbour is about 2,5 ha with100 berths, mooring dolphins and all the services needed.

The new marina will be an Harbour at O Emission, in which the energetic needs are satisfied applying cleen Energy technologies (for example renouvablesources) and emission reduction (for example adsorbing CO2 with works of local three planting).

A meteo-marine study was carried out in order to identify hydro-dynamics forces insisting on the new marina.

The wave propagation study was mad through the Mike 21’s module NSW (Near-shore Spectral Wind-waves) in order to simulate the wave movement on the coastal zones taking in to account.