Progetto di paesaggio drava piave fiumi ed architetture

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24 comuni  rivieraschi al piave in provincia di treviso

Project detail

Location within Country:Provincia di Treviso
Name of Client:Provincia di Treviso
Start date (month/year):2010
Completion date (month/year):2010
Total N° of staff-months of the assignment:4
Date:20 Oct, 2013
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The ecotourism route along Piave river was drafted in 2010 by the architects Cristina Boghetto, Elena Cattarossi and Monica Lenhardy (the latter now the central figures of the sector Architecture and Sustainability in T-ZERO ) for the Province of Treviso.

The proposes an abstract vision of the territory based on the analysis of the current mobility system which highlights how over time the banks of the Piave, erected as protection from flooding, have become the de facto border between a “fast ” mobility – outside the flood plain – and a “slow” mobility – internal to the floodplain.

This place becomes a linear park; crossing its borders requires a different mobility, slow and sustainable, allowing to perceive the nature, to reflect on the link between the territory and history, to know and taste the typical products in their place. The project prefers this type of mobility and identifies the sites that allow the passage from fast transport (car, train, bus) to a slower and sustainable transport (pedestrian, bicycle, canoe, horse).