Project detail

Location within Country:PALERMO
Name of Client:GES.A.P. S.p.A.
Start date (month/year):2007
Completion date (month/year):2008
Value of contract(€):80,000
Total N° of staff-months of the assignment:30
Value of services provided by Consultant(€):80,000
Date:15 Oct, 2015


Definition of environmental policy; identification of environmental aspects and impacts; definition of objectives and targets; writing of ems documentation and operational procedures; environmental management plan; audit and monitoring activities; training and consultation.

An environmental management system (EMS) is a systematic approach to dealing with the environmental aspects of an organization. It is a “tool” that enables the “Falcone and Borsellino” airport management company (GES.A.P. S.p.A.) to control the impact of its activities, products or services on the natural environment. The ISO 14001 standard “Environmental management systems” is the standard within the ISO 14000 series specifies the requirements of an environmental management system.

This International Standard is based on the methodology known as Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA, Deming cycle); Plan: establish the objectives and process necessary to deliver results in accordance with the organization’s environmental policy; Do: implement the process; Check: monitor and measure process against environmental policy, objectives, targets, legal and other requirements, and report the results; Act: take actions to continually improve performance of the environmental management system.

Setting up and running an environmental management system (EMS) can provide significant benefits, like ensure legal responsibilities, manage waste and resources more effectively, reduce costs and any environmental liabilities and improve business credentials.