Project detail

Location within Country:PORT HENECAN, SAN LORENZO
Name of Client:GOLDLAKE Italia S.p.A.
Start date (month/year):08/2011
Completion date (month/year):12/2011
Value of contract(€):40,000
Total N° of staff-months of the assignment:10
Value of services provided by Consultant(€):40,000
Date:15 Oct, 2015
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Hydrodinamic study, Preliminary infrastructures design, Preliminary environmental study

The development of the Port Henecan will be achieved through the realization of a quay for mooring bigger ships of the current and a new square for the loading of iron oxide. The access will be allowed by the channel and the mooring area deepening. The development of the Port will increase the production of iron oxide in the mine 190 km away and the expansion of trade in this region. The project is designed in two phases: the first phase (Terminal for iron oxide) includes the widening of the existing jetty, the creation of new squares and the deepening of the channel; the second phase (Terminal containers and terminal for bulk materials)includes the expansion of the pier and the creation of yards for containers.

The purpose of project phase 1 is to create a quay dedicated to the loading of iron oxide and docking of ships of 50,000 DWT.

The expansion of the port, according to the solution proposed, consists of:

  • Extension of quay for 230m, giving a total length from 300 to 530 meters;
  • New square with an area of 5.76 hectares, for iron oxide and coal;
  • Dredging of the channel and the area of ship operations, to a depth of 14.00 meters. The estimated amount of dredged material is approximately 17.700.000mc, 90% of which is loose material, the remaining 10% is compact material