Strategic and technical guidelines (urban master plans) for the future development of 10 cities in iraq in the next 25 years

Project detail

Location within Country:10 CITIES IN THE COUNTRY
Start date (month/year):01/2006
Completion date (month/year):12/2014
Total N° of staff-months of the assignment:120
Date:06 Nov, 2015
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The final objective of the project is the improvement of the socio-economic conditions, infrastructures as well as of the quality of life and the environment of the cities through the renewal of their current master plans. The project aims at modeling and developing principles, proposals and interventions, citizens’ awareness, objectives and targets for developing the cities to better socio-economic standards within improved environmental conditions within the target coming 25 years. The methodology for the preparation of the plan takes into account the wishes and aspirations of the client and the stakeholders considering the mutual relationship between the cities and within the Region the study areas are located in. The project improves standards of living, proposes balanced land use, improves sustainable use of environment, green and open spaces, develops the infrastructure system, sustains economic growth and transformation, promotes sustainable, green and efficient mobility system, reinforces city’s tourism potential, provides detailed plans for the areas with special characteristics, addresses to required institutional reforms. The project produces a set of reporting documents – both maps and reports focused on interventions plans. All the data and maps were managed in GIS and CAD environment, in order to deliver to the client a product that will be easily updated in the future. The project is developed together with local staff, especially during the data collection, the field survey, the data analysis and the meetings and presentations with the local authorities and involved stakeholders. The sectors assigned to T-ZERO included environment, geology, hydrology, landscaping, electricity and telecommunication with the following performed activities: collaboration with the project management in defining the methodological approach to the project; data collection and field survey activities’ organization; data analysis of the assigned sectors (utilizing GIS tools and Remote Sensing Analysis) and development of maps describing the existing city and the old master plan; development of the master plan and development of specific projects for each one of the assigned sectors; capacity building addressed to the technical staff of the client.